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Patricia coaches enterprising mothers with their own business. She uniquely does this with the help of astrology. Her company arose from her passion for yoga and astrology combined with the need for recognition and connection that mothers have. “Many entrepreneurial mothers suffer from a sense of guilt. They’re afraid that they aren’t concerned enough with their family, or with the company, or they feel guilty if they do something for themselves. They are constantly "on" and no longer know how to get some rest. As a coach, we work together on this,” explains Patricia.


“For example, I offer a free guide on how to apply both the different phases of the moon and your cycle in your life, to become more productive and get the most out of your day. So you’re managing your energy, not your time. People can come to me for a wondrous session, a starting session of one hour, in which we start by using the personal birth chart. You provide your birthplace, time and date and based on that we will walk through your horoscope. Your strengths come to the foreground as well, but I will also show you how you can soften the somewhat harder aspects of your horoscope. ”

"These hormonal changes are our super power"

“We’re very used to push away our shadow sides and to focus on productivity, day in and day out. That’s a very masculine way of living and working, but we are women and therefore we need to go back to the feminine way of living and working. Men go through the hormonal cycle in 24 hours while women - on average - have a hormonal cycle of 28 days. These hormonal changes are exactly our super power. We activate different parts of our brain and hormonal balance at different times, so that it’s faster and easier for you to complete tasks in the phase that is most suitable for that. ”

“When I give lectures and workshops, I let mothers know that they do not need permission to take a step back. Taking rest is so undervalued in our society. It is an essential part of life. Look at nature, a flower does not flower 365 days a year either. So why should you be able to?"

“I also offer business coaching based on astrology. In business terms, we are going to investigate what a person's most powerful and weak points are, and which tasks should be outsourced. In short: how can we let your business run in the most optimal way, so that it works well for you. I put your birth chart over your schedule, as it were, to determine the best moments to launch something or to take a step back. It's about creating harmony for yourself and putting your energy into the right projects at the right time. I deliberately use the word harmony instead of the word balance, because balance always suggests that you should have equal amounts of everything. In the case of harmony, everything just works well together: one day you might be more concerned with your business, the other day with your family, and at another time you will have time for yourself. Without having to feel guilty about it. "

“A flower does not flower 365 days a year either. So why should you be able to?"

“I studied interior architecture at the Art Academy. After my studies I went traveling. I literally went to Southeast Asia with my backpack without a plan. In Thailand I started working for a local volunteer organization. Completely contrary to my expectations, I fell in love there. Still, I went back to the Netherlands, also to apply for a job. I had several jobs but wasn’t able to find full-time work. Besides, I wasn’t able to forget that boy from Thailand. One year later I went back to check if this all was real, and it was! In 2012 I finally settled in Thailand."

“For a moment I was looking for a job, teaching English for instance, but that didn't really get off the ground. Then we discovered that I was expecting. At that time, entrepreneurship started to itch as well. I had already set up an Etsy shop. Then a yoga teacher crossed my path who offered online yoga study programs. I started the yoga-teacher course, studied astrology and delved deeper into the yoga philosophy. ”

From that moment everything was set in motion. For instance, I received many responses to my writing. I wrote about my journey as a mother and the postnatal depression after the birth of my youngest. Mothers recognized themselves in my story, and what struck me was the need for recognition, connection and being with like-minded people. I’ve been able to combine precisely that aspect with yoga and astrology. That is how my company emerged."

“I may be able to do it myself, but will I achieve the same result?”

"Generally I am the ‘I can do it myself’ type. During studies, I also taught myself all kinds of programs. In Thailand I had little help, it was hardly available. Yet at a certain point I got the feeling that I had to outsource things. I may be able to do it myself, but will I achieve the same result? I had my doubts about that. I also wanted to get rid of the fact that all my courses were part of an external academy. I just want a professional platform. "

“By choosing Coobly, I’m saving time and therefore money. For instance, I like that there is a team behind Coobly, so I can email or call whenever I have a question. I don't have to sort everything out myself and go from one helpdesk to the other. It’s more convenient for both me and my clients. It just makes sense. ”


“I’ve never met anyone who does it that way, and especially not for mothers”

“My target group consists of enterprising mothers. Sometimes they’re just mothers or entrepreneurs. But mainly female entrepreneurs with a family. I mainly studied the feminine side of astrology, and in combination with business coaching, this is what makes me unique. I look at someone's horoscope and at the same time I observe what is going on within the company. How can we use the available energy as effectively as possible and how do we get into that ‘flow’? I’ve never met anyone who does it that way, and especially not for mothers. The fact that we start every trajectory with a personal birth chart ensures that the preparatory phase is much shorter. It’s a lot faster for me to obtain insight into someone's pain points. We can take a deep dive into underlying patterns fairly quickly, to find out what someone is encountering. ”

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