Entrepreneur Wikje de Roos: 'As an entrepreneur you need experts to help you move forward'

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She was always ambitious, and after life gave her a hefty blow, she started for herself. Blogcafé has been running for three years now. “I find feedback from fellow entrepreneurs very important. It keeps you sharp and gets you out of your comfort zone sometimes. It gives greater depth."


She has just returned from Fuerteventura in Spain, for a training camp. Wikje is completely captivated by paddleboarding (supping). She’s the type that sups for longer distances and trains for that purpose. “The ‘eleven city tour’ is on my list for next year. This training of eight days a week should make me stronger.” However, it's not her intention to be on a supplank for eight hours a day, so her laptop goes along and she works between training hours. "For me, that is the ultimate form of entrepreneurial freedom."

She has been running Blogcafé for three years now, helping companies to become more visible online. Not just by giving them a few tips, but by fully taking them into the online world, and inform and inspire them about the online possibilities. “It's not that companies don't know, but publishing a blog once doesn't get you there. Regularity and structure are needed. I am their thick stick."

As yet, Wikje (50) did this by offering an offline setting: the Blog Café. On Monday morning, entrepreneurs can sit down for an hour and a half to familiarize themselves with the possibilities of social media. In the meantime, she has also made the move to offer an online Blog service that she calls BlogSupport. And with her In-company Blog Café, she gives training at companies. Furthermore, she gives lectures for companies. 

"As a member of the Coobly Mastermind group, I obtain the right input to further deepen business"

“It was quite a step to start for myself. I am a perfectionist and want to get everything right first, but now I know you just have to start. The Coobly Platform was that big stick for me to take steps and go online. Besides, I need to belong somewhere. I inform and inspire companies, but who does that for me? The Coobly Platform inspires me and triggers me to take action as an entrepreneur. I’ve joined the Coobly Mastermind to obtain the right input to further deepen my business. Otherwise, you tend to continue operating at the same level. That's a shame."

“The group teaches me to step out of my comfort zone. The experience of entrepreneurship becomes different, more focused and more professional. The feedback on the steps I take (and still have to take) keeps me sharp. As an entrepreneur you can be tended to sit back after a satisfied customer. With fellow entrepreneurs in the Mastermind group you think further. After all, you also want to earn from it and find your own freedom back. That means that you, for example, take a critical look at the valuation of your product or service. A colleague often looks at things differently than you do. I sometimes want to keep myself too small. It is important to ask yourself the question; what’s my worth? What’s the worth of my product?"

She is now more aware of her quality to come up with creative solutions for social media issues within companies.“ Ambition is not strange to me. I also had that when I was employed. After completing high school and Meao, At the age of 20, I started working as a prosecutor in Friesland. I had to deliver the right files to everyone. Those files were still physically taken everywhere. When my husband Marcel got a job in The Hague, I started working there at the court. This was followed by jobs in the banking sector as a project assistant. In the evenings I completed the course towards Commercial Economy and Communication. As a marketing employee, I ended up with an insurer, did NIMA C, and then a child was born. At the age of 34, I became the mother of a son."

"That’s not going to happen. I resigned and started to work for myself"

A few weeks of traveling through Australia brought Wikje new thoughts. She and her husband decided to let their child grow up in Friesland. "We went back to our roots. Soon again, I had a job as a Communication Consultant. When my son Jurre was 2.5 years old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After breast-conserving surgery, I underwent chemotherapy and radiation. During that period, it soon became clear that a full work week was no longer possible for me. Before I knew it, the threats of disapproval arrangements arose. That is not going to happen, was my first thought. I resigned and started to work for myself."

Her previous employer gave her communication assignments, and when her husband started an employment agency, Wikje took care of the communication and marketing. “I did that for ten years, until the sale of the agency. After that, I first started to look around. I wanted to focus more on writing, so I followed various trainings and courses. In that period the idea for Blogcafé was born."

"You need experts around you to help you progress"

“I now know that as an entrepreneur, you cannot be an expert in everything. You need experts around you to help you move forward. That's how I ended up at Coobly. The moment I realized this, I started helping other entrepreneurs and companies to make themselves more visible through social media, from my own expertise. And nowadays online as well."

During her recovery from breast cancer, she had a growing awareness that in your personal life, it’s not possible to do everything on your own. Wikje received a lot of support from her mother-in-law, who now lives with her. “She was and still is, she is now 75 years old, always there for me and vice versa. It feels like a luxury to me that she co-raised Jurre. It not only relieved me, but also gave me freedom."

“Where will I stand with my company in five years? I have no idea and I don't think that far ahead. That also feels like freedom to me. Certainly, that also has to do with breast cancer. I mainly live in the here and now. Of course I plan, but never further than half a year ahead. I do things as long as I like them. I am very inspired by the Coobly mastermind group and I think it is wonderful to support entrepreneurs in optimizing their digital showcase. Together with my ambitions in sport, this is a very great life."


Visit Wikje's platform: Wikjederoos.nl

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