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If someone in her field brings the offline and online world together in a professional way and strengthens her profession with it, it is Angela van Hemert. In addition to a job as a director of a certification company, she also has her own business in equestrian sport. For her customers in the horse industry, this comes together efficiently.

As an 11-year-old girl, she had her first job to finance horse riding. “My parents had no interest in horses and I can't name any family member who does anything in that direction. I always loved animals and horses in particular. That has never passed."

"I’m bold enough to call myself an expert in the field of certification"

After studying Commercial Economics in the field of Sports Marketing, the idea arose to offer equestrian entrepreneurs the opportunity to take their business to a higher level when it comes to quality, safety, the environment and horse welfare, among other things. This didn’t come out of the blue, as Angela is already working in the business. She is the director of a certification company 24 hours a week. “There are many similarities, and for my own company, I have added horse welfare. In fact, both complement each other very well and I’m bold enough to call myself an expert in the field of certification.”

How she achieves both is not so special, she says. "Just do it. When I think about it, I don't know how I do it, but I'm just very driven. Horses are my passion and I am entrepreneurial. Those two things come together in a great way in the combination of both my job and my company.” Just know that on top of that, she rides three horses and teaches around 10 clients.


Her Coobly Platform offers online training to clients in the horse industry

Her own company was named HorseBusiness4U. “I thought about that name for a long time, wanted to avoid professional jargon and translated all business into equestrian sport.” That doesn’t change the fact that, via her platform, in addition to a community for entrepreneurs in the horse industry, she offers clients a professional online training course. By following the necessary steps and answering questions, customers can test their company against quality levels that are important for professionalizing their entrepreneurship. Often they can still improve on that point. “I also involve many partners in the knowledge that I can offer companies, such as an accountant who is completely familiar with the equestrian industry or an occupational health and safety company that knows everything about that part of the puzzle. That way, I bring in specialised knowledge. There is a great need for knowledge transfer among equestrian entrepreneurs."


"The inspiring input from the Coobly Mastermind group is very important to me"

The moment she had thought out her strategy and training, she was looking for a professional company that could put everything online for her. Along came Coobly. “Now I regularly visit the Coobly Mastermind group. I like to hear how other entrepreneurs build their business and because I still have a job next to it, there is a pitfall that "it doesn't matter so much". That I end up on the lazy chair, and I want to prevent that. That is why that inspiring input is very important to me."

“On top of that, the Mastermind always brings new insights. There is always a guest speaker who has certain expertise and ensures that you get a new perspective on things, so you learn a lot from it. I would definitely recommend it because it really makes sense to look at your ideas together with other entrepreneurs. You often have a certain kind of tunnel vision. Someone else’s perspective on your activities often opens up new possibilities.”

"That’s pure entrepreneurial freedom"

For Angela, it is important that she can work efficiently and scalable with HorseBusiness4U. "That’s pure entrepreneurial freedom. I can choose when and how I work on it. I’ll create a training course and whether it is requested by ten or by a hundred people, that means no more or less work for me.”

She is currently working on making the course as strong as possible. "The training consists of five levels, HorseBusinessLevels (HBL), which an entrepreneur can go through to continuously improve and professionalize his or her company." Think of cost management, productivity, customer management, image, changes in the market and innovation. These are important pillars for sponsors and funders, Angela explains on her platform. "For example, you have your business plan at level 3, while at level 4 you are in an executive phase."

Her target group is wide, but customers are always involved with equestrian sport. “From riding stables to equestrian sports stores. They are all welcome. My training is suitable for all possible entrepreneurs.


“You need several tools in order to run an entire online platform, all these things are integrated into one platform, in Coobly”

It is important to Angela that she has the freedom to decide where and when she will be busy with her work. “The Coobly platform ensures that I can get started from home right away. I can put my courses and forms online. I can check the assignments. It doesn't matter where I do it. I can do it from home, from work or when I'm on vacation. Actually, it is accessible everywhere.”

“In addition, you need several tools in order to run an entire online platform, all these things are integrated into one platform, in Coobly. Thanks to Coobly, I have time to focus on creating training courses and marketing and I don't have to worry about setting up the technical aspects of the platform.”

“I would recommend the Coobly platform to people who want to sell their services online and want the freedom to decide when and where they want to do their work. The platform is perfect for this.”


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