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Discover your online business stage and know what to do next - interview with Sigrun [+ live workshop]

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Extremely happy with the live interview with my personal business mentor and inspirator, Sigrun!

Wow, did she just do us a FREE LIVE WORKSHOP?!

Sigrun is a super successful online entrepreneur and Europe’s No#1 Business coach.

She has a super popular podcast called The Sigrun Show, a fully booked year program SOMBA [Sigrun’s Online MBA] and is currently working on writing her first book. It is Sigrun’s mission to create equality through entrepreneurship and thanks to this calling she is organizing THE first ever worldwide congress for female entrepreneurs, the Selfmade Summit!

Her her entrepreneurial journey started in 2014. Now, six years later, she runs a million dollar company [in 2019 more than 2 million revenue] and helped thousands of women with coaching and training to start and scale their own online business.

I can link my online personal success directly to Sigrun, she caused an enormous impact, mindset shift and transition on me and my company. 

In this video interview, Sigrun shares with us her own entrepreneurial journey. On top of that, Sigrun - spontaneously - gives a live workshop on the 7 stages of a successful online business. It will help you immediately in taking the right next step!

Here's what we've covered in the Sigrun
  • how Sigrun used to work as a CEO in the web industry
  • how her own personal entrepreneurial journey has been from 2014 so far
  • what the 7 stages are of a profitable online business
  • why this is a must know for business growth
  • why it’s her calling to organize the first worldwide congress for female entrepreneurs, this summer in Iceland
  • which online workshop will help you make 2020 a success
  • Sigrun's signature year group coaching program, SOMBA 


A little background story...

Last summer I was a participant of the Mastermind Iceland Retreat, hosted by Sigrun. Well, summer. The clothing advice was: ‘bring a lot of clothing you can wear as layers’. Ok, I may be Frisian, but I can’t ice skate and absolutely don’t like the cold. I confess: I was wearing all layers, all the time!

But that trip, that week, completely away from home, from your company and just focusing on working on yourself and your company has been my biggest leap forward in my personal and business development that I have ever experienced. The “brochure ad” business breakthrough and breathtaking landscape has been fulfilled a 100%! 


After that breakthrough I wanted nothing more than sharing this amazing woman with you! While we were on the road I asked her if she would be willing to give an interview to my followers. Noted.

Today was that moment. A little side note… this was my first ever international live, forget that... my first ever live. EVER! Yes.

OUT of your comfortzone.

The reason I asked Sigrun to do an interview for you, is because she is incredibly smart, a fast thinker, has so much experience, knows all the tricks in the book, and on top of that she is able to transfer all of that in a short amount of time. Always result orientated. Practical. Step by step.

My idea of a ‘valuable interview’ has been proven to be more than true. What a value this woman delivers.! It wasn’t just an interview. My question about the 7 stages of a successful company, immediately brought out the coach in Sigrun. She shared the screen, got the whiteboard.. and gave a live workshop about what to do, and more interestingly... what not to do, what actions might even hurt the growth of your company and why.


Sigrun and the 7 stages of a successful online company:



STAGE 0:  Research & Testing Stage
Beta testing and research. You do not earn any money yet with your online company. You don’t know exactly what it is you want to do. You’re testing ideas and doing research. You have some sort of a business idea and want to start.
What you should do know is a short 1:1 program that you only offer to some clients, maybe even just three. This can be free, or for a early bird price. Understand that the most important thing now is to test your idea, with your customers. At the end always ask your beta customers [paid or not] for testimonials. 
STAGE 1: Hourly & Project Stage 
1-1 clients and coaching. You are working 1:1 with clients, paid. This could be both online and offline. You document everything you do so you can work more efficient in the future. You’re getting to know your ideal client more and more. You know how to offer and sell 1:1.
Now start building your mailing list. You can do this with a freebie, knowledge you give away for free. Create a “About you” page, that is in line with your offers, you and your audience.
Give your clients more value than what they ordered. Your first customers are extremely important as they provide more insight into your ideal customer and what their wishes and desires are. Build a simple website or immediately launch on a ready to go platform. Promote your freebie on social media and start building up online followers and a name in the industry. 
STAGE 2: First Small Group Stage
1-1 and small groups. You are working with small groups. Both online and offline. You have already created content that you can reuse. You now have a clear understanding of who your ideal client is. You know how to transfer knowledge to a group as opposed to 1:1.
Your groups want to learn what you offer 1:1. Realize what exactly you want to be known fore and finetune your message, branding and content. Pick the right prices, both 1:1 and for groups. Start outsourcing work to a virtual assistant. Connect more through social media and expand your followers, reach and impact.


STAGE 3: Entry Online Course Stage
From 1:1 to large groups and first short online program. You now run your first online program. With every launch you learn and improve. You have more clarity about your content and marketing. You get a better view of what your big online program, your signature course, could be.
Make it your highest priority to learn and perfect how to launch online. Turn your current program into an evergreen, so this requires less and less attention and time from you while still providing a steady revenue. Your revenue now should be at least € 50.000 with your online program and 2 to 3 launches. 


STAGE 4: Signature Course Stage
Signature Program and Online Program. You’ve created your signature program and run this once or twice a year. Your marketing has a bigger impact and you are able to reach your ideal client more and more. You start doing affiliate campaigns creating even more promotion. You have perfected marketing and content creation.
Develop the customer journey and analyze what can be improved. Learn how to launch efficiently. Your team is growing and helps you with your evergreen program. Your signature program is now your highest priority and deserves all attention. Do not create any other or extra programs. Your signature program should generate a revenue of at least € 100.000 in 12 months.


STAGE 5: Expand Portfolio Stage
Expanding your portfolio, mastermind groups, You are now running high-end mastermind programs. Your smaller programs are running evergreen. You have a sharp view of you your ideal client is, what your tagline is, your nice, your branding. You are known as an authority in your niche. 
Focus on your mastermind groups and how you can expand the time of participation. From 3 to 6 months, to 9 months and to a year. Build a team with a players, so you can work less and make more money. Now focus on speaking and exposure. Hire a project manager that will run the daily business for you.

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STAGE 6: Scaling Up Stage
Scaling up, building a team, the leader and being the personality of your own company and expert. Automate your sale funnels. Check your customer journey and sharp and complete this even more. Create additional programs and delete programs that are less successful in your company. Sharpen your branding. Be present everywhere, on all online channels. Hire support for creating your content. Never stop asking for testimonials. Think about what you can do besides from your business, you will have more free time.
You are running a machine! You need a business partner, a COO or an integrator to run the daily business of your company. Your focus is on content creation, speaking and writing [your first book]. You are not only the face of your company, you are a personality in your industry. 

The summary above SOMBA 7 STAGES is part of the 7 Stages Of A Profitable Online Business by Sigrun.


One step forward... two steps back...

Whenever you are struggling growing and are feeling overwhelmed, it is likely that the actions you want to do are part of a stage you are not yet in. And this will not cause growth. In fact, this will hurt your company. It is like ‘one step forward, two steps back’!

Do not get discouraged or frustrated. Believe me, we have all been here. I have been here. And even Sigrun. That is exactly why Sigurn can give a workshop about it. Because she was there. She overcame. And now she gives coaching in it. That is how all her content is created. From personal experience. From falling down and getting up.

This is also the content and story of SOMBA, her year program - with group coaching - for female online entrepreneurs. Twelve fixed modules that will help you progress step by step. Plus live online workshops in her online community and recordings of previous workshops in the archive. These workshops always cover one specific topic. For instance ‘Facebook advertising’.

SOMBA exists for a couple of years now and thus far has helped thousands of female entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey. With starting and scaling up their online business. Always with her mission in mind: creating equality through entrepreneurship! 

The right next step

Sigrun is not for everyone, but, when the information above and the video resonates with you, you like practical and results driven focus, are done with doing everything by yourself, you are ready for the next step in your online company, then now is the time to take that leap and enter SOMBA.

To help you succeed even more with your online business, I created this super exclusive special SOMBA + Coobly package. Enter the waiting list now and you will immediately receive a personal message from me as soon as Sigrun opens her doors to SOMBA again with all details and when your moment of GO is here!


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