Two successful online businesses: birth care and online business go hand in hand for Diana de Koning

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Birth care and online business go hand in hand when it comes to Diana de Koning. She runs two successful online platforms via Coobly. Her Handle With Care (HWC) platform offers everything in the area of maternity care, including online education. In addition, she’s the founder of Because U Care, the first deployment agency specialized in birth care.

"My husband pointed out to me: why should I not start for myself?"

"Handle With Care (HWC) Birth care offers customized maternity care, education, training and guidance for parents and professionals," says Diana. “The agency goes beyond normal maternity care. "We offer tailor-made care for vulnerable pregnant women such as women with psychological problems, refugees and parents who have to deal with, for example, youth care or child protection.”

Diana's maternity agency HWC birth care was founded four years ago. "I started my career as a maternity nurse," says Diana. “That wasn’t always easy with two small children at home. As a maternity nurse, you always need to be on standby. Therefore I decided to continue studying and I followed a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Eventually, I gave up my job as a maternity nurse for a job as a psychiatric nurse at the GGZ (Netherland’s local health authorities).”

After she moved with her family, she starts looking for another job. Diana eventually ends up in The Hague, at a maternity care organization. “In this job, all my work experience and study knowledge of recent years came together. I was a care manager, taught and supervised employees. Because a permanent contract was not possible after three years, I thought to myself; what do I want? I was fifty years old and on the search for a job that would really suit me. Where I can do my own thing and have the necessary challenges. I had gained so much knowledge and experience in the meantime. My husband pointed out to me: why should I not start for myself?"


"The strength of HWC is that the courses are offered online"

In the meantime, Diana provided further training in maternity care as well. “In 2016 that suddenly went very fast. We made huge steps. HWC has 50 employees now, built up in four years. It’s solid and still growing, also because of the successful online platform that we have via Coobly.”

“Recently we’ve separated the courses from birth care. HWC has its own online training academy now. Both our graduate and apprentice maternity nurses attend these courses, as well as employees from other agencies. The strength of HWC is that the courses are offered online. Sometimes it’s impossible for a maternity nurse to follow training on location. They have little time left with all these shifts. Going to the office in your free time, is not something desirable. Online you can do it in the time that suits you best.”

“I write my own courses for the online academy, but I leave the technical part to Coobly. We like to outsource as much work as possible, therefore we also use Coobly’s additional services.”


"In order to unburden both parties, I founded Because U Care"

Enterprising as she is, Diana is now working on her second online business through Coobly. "I noticed that other maternity care agencies are having a hard time finding staff. Sometimes there is a shortage of professional maternity assistants who can be deployed for a shorter period. On the other hand, there are enough passionate maternity carers who love their profession and preferably practice it, but no longer want to work full time.

“In order to be able to unburden both parties, I founded Because U Care: the first deployment agency specialized in birth care. It is a unique concept. We make the right match between enthusiastic professional maternity carers and maternity care agencies that need (temporary) support. And because we were so happy with the Coobly platform, we decided to run this new project via Coobly as well.”


Visit Diana's platform at: HWCopleidingen.nl


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