With her online training courses, presentation trainer Eva Brouwer helps female entrepreneurs to tell their story

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Telling your own story: for many entrepreneurs, that’s never a matter of "sooner said than done". Because what’s your story exactly, which elements from that story can you leverage and perhaps the most exciting: how are you going to tell all this? Eva Brouwer is a presenter, chairperson and presentation trainer at her company Pak je Podium (grab your stage).  With the online training courses she sells through the Coobly Platform, she helps female entrepreneurs to tell their story and make themselves visible as the experts they are.

Who are you and how did you end up where you are now?

I'm Eva Brouwer. Presenter, chairperson and presentation trainer at my own company Pak je Podium. I worked on TV for years, but when I became a mother I gained the feeling that there should be more. I wanted something for myself, but I wasn't sure what that was supposed to be. When I attended a meeting for enterprising women, I heard very inspiring stories. Although these women had a lot of trouble with it. They didn't dare to tell their story into full account. At that point, I was convinced that this was it for me. I may not have such a story myself, but I can present! I'm going to help those women tell their story. Then my current company Pak je Podium arose. I’ve been full-time working on it for two years now.


Who is your target group?

That varies a lot. These are, for example, a lot of coaches in all sorts of areas. But I also supervise someone who works at a ministry in The Hague. Sometimes it’s a very specific question: "I want to start making videos but I find it exciting, so how do I start?" Sometimes it is more about a dormant feeling. For example, you have your website, your products and beautiful photos, but no one else knows that you’re working on it and that you have such a beautiful product. You realize that you have to tell your story yourself to ensure that people see what you have to offer.

Where do I start, what is my story? I have so much to say, how do I make a choice? These are points that I will approach together with my clients. For example, I teach them storytelling techniques and ways to make their story more attractive. My guidance also offers a thick stick, which is often very important. People can experience an enormous barrier, as if they have to climb Mount Everest, but at some point, I see that they get pleasure from it.


Have you always dared to be in the foreground?

I always had that drive, yes, as a child already. It doesn’t mean that it’s never exciting for me. Sometimes I am in the wings hoping all goes well. But I compare it with sports a little bit. Some people can switch the button and start exercising more easily, and others have more trouble with that. If I understand why I do all of this, I can get over it very quickly. I visualize the result in everything I do. Sometimes I also experience that internal dialogue with those obstructing thoughts. I also have those voices, but then I just keep my desired result in mind. If you do it, do it well. Even if it’s very scary. 


Your stage skills: can everyone learn it, or do you really need to have talent?

I think it’s a part of you already, just like everyone else could run. Unless something physical is missing of course. The question is: are you going after it? Do you dare to expose yourself? It is a matter of doing and I will guide you. I always say: just do it. I can talk to you about being visible and how to do it, but there is only one way to really experience it. For example, I once passed my theory exam for diving with flying colors, but once I got into the water, I didn’t understand anything. Eventually, I was not allowed to participate anymore. While I probably just succeeded with the right guidance. Just doing it and arranging the help and guidance you need ensures the best results.


What was the reason you needed a solution such as the Coobly Platform?

I had a lot of hassle with customer registrations. For example, they could not log in. I have several products that are very reasonably priced, but if I need a VA to send all the passwords again and again, it still costs me a lot of time and money. This method just didn’t work well.


Why did you eventually opt for the Coobly Platform?

The Coobly Platform ensures that I spend far less money on technology and that I have less hassle than ever before. If I develop a new program I can put it in the system right away, without weeks of preparation. For me, it’s most important that I can be highly involved in the creation and content process. The trick is to mainly focus on creating. With the Coobly Platform, you have the means to immediately launch your creations into the world.


Which products do you sell via the Coobly Platform?

I have ‘Your video pitch in 10 steps’ as an entry model, but my main product is the ‘Pak je Podium’ course. In eight weeks you will receive all kinds of courses about presenting, storytelling, the structure of your story, the decoration, interaction with your audience, etc.  My students also have the opportunity to send me short films and social media messages so that I can provide them with targeted feedback. At the moment this runs through a private Facebook group. Later I want to run this through my community on the Coobly Platform. During the Pak je Podium course, I don't solely focus on video. Your story is what it's all about. All those other things are different forms of expression of that story.

Recently I also made a children's book with designer Theresa Hartgers, which is called ‘Even tot tien tellen’ (briefly count to ten). I was so enthusiastic about the Coobly Platform that this book will have a platform as well. It includes the content of 10 female experts we approached for the book. If you have questions, you can also get help from the sales channel and community. And lots of videos of course.


What change do you see when you guide people?

I once accompanied a photo model. She said: every time I have a video casting, I don't get it. She had trouble being comfortable in front of the camera. We worked on that together, and she not only became more comfortable in front of the camera, but also her personal story became stronger. She became a widow at a young age, while she had 4 small children. Everything went well for her, she had a successful life, but what she had experienced remained a silent wound. After my guidance, she became a vlogger, for Libelle TV amongst other things. Now she is a kind of ‘family vlogger’. Every week, she records videos based on themes that arise from her personal story. She finally reached her goal as well, as she was cast for a L'Oréal TV commercial!

The courses I provide to my clients are not just online courses. I think it’s important to incorporate personal contact as well. Sometimes you experience something in your life that becomes part of your story. It can be rooted deep down. That requires some tender loving care on my part.

I help women who come to me because they think they can't. For example, they think they have no story or that they are not experts. At the end of the ride, I see confident speakers, who in turn inspire others. It’s a snowball effect that generates customers as well. Making yourself both visible and recognisable, does not necessarily have to result in hundreds of likes or followers. Sometimes a DM (direct message) with a personal message to your address is sufficient. Really warm contact, where you can start a conversation with each other. Subsequently, a process can follow. It works 100%. 


Visit Eva's platform at: evabrouwer.tv


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